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BBQ Ribs        Half Rack   16 9        Full Rack    25

Succulent and Mouth Watering; Our Ribs are slow roasted in House then covered with our own Special BBQ sauce. Served with coleslaw and zucchini chips. Half Rack or Full Rack.

*Petite Tenderloin   20

Grilled to perfection. This 6 oz. Favorite is sure to please the palate

*Prime Rib Dinner   25

Approximately 1" thick Prime Rib cooked to order and cooked to perfection.

*Ribeye    20

A 10 oz. Choice Cut, marbled for extra flavor and grilled to temperature.

*Icelandic Cod    10 (2pc)    12 (3pc)    14 (4pc)

Wisconsin’s Traditional Fish Fry, Choose from two, three or four piece dinners. Can be fried or baked.

*"Make Mine" Perch  13 (2pc)   15 (3pc)   17(4pc)

A favorite of “our regulars". Though this perch is not harvested in our beautiful Chain O` Lakes, they have outstanding flavor. Available in two, three, or four piece dinners.

*"I Prefer" Walleye   12.5 (2pc)   14.5 (3pc)   16.5 (4pc)

Delicious! Available fried or pan seared with Cajun Seasoning. Available in one, two or three piece dinners.

*Jumbo Shrimp   13.5

Big shrimp prawns, served either deep fried or grilled. Served with cocktail sauce.

*Grilled Tuna   18

Mild flavor and firm texture, this tuna steak melts in your mouth. Also available “Blackened".

*Atlantic Salmon  16

A perfectly pink salmon fillet grilled to juicy perfection. Also available “Blackened".

*Haddock Dinner    1/2lb: 13    Full lb: 18

Baked to perfection. Just pick your desired portion size! Available baked only.

*Cajun Fish Tacos  4 per taco á la carte

Choose either fried or grilled fish. Served with romaine lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and spicy mayo. Á la carte.

*Cali Cajun Fish Tacos  4 per taco á la carte

Grilled lime cod chunks with coleslaw and spicy mayo. Á la carte.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increas the risk of food borne illness.